Friday, October 21, 2011

Just an update on how things are going

Well... Its been a while since I have been able to write any updates in my blog due to being so busy.

Since my last blog insert there have been several great things happening in my life and
The church that I pastor at Grace Street. Recently we were able to watch as the final shingles were added to the church roof. It was an awesome experience to see an absolute miracle take place before our eyes. We had been previously faced with the terrify idea that it was going to cost us over $22,000 dollars to replace the roof on the church. We were not sure how we were going to pay for it. We all gathered around the paperwork we would turn into the insurance company. We knew that the chances were slim that they would cover the cost of this repair since the storm damage was from several storms that took place before I came here to pastor plus we have changed insurance companies in the last year and a half. Of course you know where im going.... God answered our prayers. We not only had enough money to replace the roof but to also completely remodel the fellowship hall complete with a new tile floor, fresh paint, new base, insulation and a new acoustical ceiling. We have experienced some great services. We also had once of the best pastor appreciations that a pastor could have. I was really blessed to find out that to my surprise that Bro Harold Hanks was preaching it. We had a great time in our most recent revival as well. I have been blessed to pastor such a wonderful church. I just recieved our new church post cards. Im really excited about getting out to use them to witness. We have recently started streaming our church services on  If you would like to listen in, sign up for a FlipZu account. We have also added updates to the church website
My wife and i recently celebrated our birthdays and our 18th anniversary. Were all healthy, happy and doing well. Were looking forward to the possibility of buying a home in the very near future here in Apopka. Im a very proud father... My boys are still pressing along in their Christian school. Devin has been feeling out the Lords will as to whether God is calling him to preach. Maranda is still a daddys girl... she continually blesses me with her talent to minister in song.
My wife has battled with headaches a lot lately but were trusting the Lord for her healing. She is the best thing outside of Christ that has ever happened to me. She inspires me daily with her devotion and heart to serve the Lord.
What can I say.... I have been blessed. I give God all the glory!!!
Im praying for a deeper experience in God and launching out to cease the tremendous potential for souls in this area. Im hopeful to reap a great harvest.
Pray for us.
God Bless, Pastor Myers